The firm was founded in Florida in 2004 by Marc Dubois an executive general adjuster with thirty six years multi line experience with an emphasis on large loss resolution.

We provide a unique approach to maximizing your claims dollar. Other than providing an analysis of coverage issues and application we are conscious of the necessity of proper reserving and have on staff certified property appraisers to assist in this task. We are also well versed in all facets of loss remediation and have on staff I.I.C.R.C. certified Master restoration techs to assist in the analysis of the remediation efforts utilized to restore the property to pre loss condition. We monitor progress of the remediation and rebuild process to ensure your claims dollars are being utilized efficiently. We have hands on experience in large loss project management and have provided clerk of the works capabilities on several multi -million dollar projects.

We excel at handling multiple large loss scenarios simultaneously and provide multiple location damage assessment capabilities through our large team of qualified adjusters and appraisers. We focus on process rather than simply price and ensure your claims expenditures are effectively utilized. Our reports are detailed and provide expert recommendations on coverage issues, reserves and provide a synopsis of outstanding issues and an anticipated timeline for resolution of the loss. We are conscious of the importance of recovery of your outlay and as well have excellent resources for assessment and disposal of salvage.

We provide a fair unbiased assessment of damages related to the loss and a report on collateral issues such as law and ordinance and other issues affecting the return of the damaged property to pre loss condition. We believe our synergistic approach to claims handling provides a cost effective, fair and unbiased resolution to your large loss needs.

Our expertise extends to niche markets in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors of endeavor. We have handled claims for schools, hospitals, food processers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, clean room environments, industrial plants. Auto parts plants to name a few.

We are available 24/7 anywhere in the U.S.A. or where required. Our rates are competitive and our service second to none.

Our offices

507 Palm Ave, Titusville
Florida, 32796

Phone: 321-591-6115
Fax: 1-877-264-0652